Merfolk Questions
1. Who's your favorite professional mermaid/merman?
Mermaid Raven from Merbella studios <3
2. What tailmaker would you like to have to make your dream tail?
I am currently making my own, but if I were to have someone make it for me it would definitely be Mermaid Raven!
3. Do you believe in mermaids?
Oh I do very much so
4. Have you ever seen a mermaid?
I wish : (
5. What would your tail look like?
A cross between the tail from Aquamarine and the tails in H20
6. What color would your tail be?
A very light blue with darker blue accents and some hints of orange.
7. Where would you live?
In an underwater cave with an air pocket : D
8. What would you eat?
Mostly seaweed
9. What's your favorite mermaid book?
Mermaid 101 and Mermaid magic
10. What's your favorite mermaid movie?
11. What's your favorite mermaid song?
Part of your world - The Little Mermaid
12. What would you do in your free time?
Explore the coral reefs!
13. Who's your favorite tailmaker?
Mermaid Raven
14. What sea creature would you hang out with?
15. What's your favorite ocean animal?
Dolphins and Turtles <3
16. How many professional mermaids/mermen can you name? (No cheating, don't look them up)
.Mermaid Raven
.Mermaid Hannah
.Mermaid Kariel
.Mermaid Shelly
Those are my favourites : )
17. What would be your mermaid/merman name?
Still deciding!
18. H2O: Just Add Water or Mako Mermaids?
H20 all the way <3
19. Do you want any mermaid/merman tattoo(s)?
Oh mercy yes I do! I want fish scale tattoos : D
20. Do you have any mermaid items (jewelry,statues,clothes)?
My room is decked out with mermaid things.. Ocean themed bed cover mermaid figurines, vintage mermaid barbie, sea stars on the walls, mermaid calendar, mermaid paintings and more! And I make my own jewellery from seashells and I have a mermaid charm necklace. <3